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My name is Peter.

Would that not be a wonderful opening line for a book? “My name is Peter. And I have a story to tell…” ;-)

I have been an aidworker since 1994 and worked all over the world. I lived in a dozen different countries. Travelled through 150 or so, at last count. I have seen wars, famine and devastation caused by floods and earthquakes. I know what “human misery” means.

In a sharp contrast to the misery, destiny has given me plenty of beauty and love. I had traveled with close friends to the far ends of the Antarctic and the Pacific. I have made love in Alaska and on a boat in the Caribbean. I have raced across the Atlantic, won radio championships and fell out of a tree on a mountain top in Andorra.

My strength comes from Tine, my partner in crime, our two daughters Lana and Hannah, and those friends in my heart. Plus the many sunsets we have all shared.

I am not a professional writer. English is only my 4th language so forgive my spelling and grammer mistakes in the posts… But I can tell a story. On “Scribbles”, I want to tell you these stories. By a fire place in far away fields or on a beach in Anguilla by the rolling waves, or on a Tuscan hill, while the sun is setting slowly in a bright orange veil.

You can follow me on Twitter via @TheRoadTo and do check out The Road to the Horizon, my personal blog.

Thank you for traveling this road with me.


peter (at) theroadtothehorizon (dot) org

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September 12th, 2009 at 8:14 pm

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  1. Hi Pete,

    I am amazed by the amount of blogs you manage and their quality. I will keep on following you. Small remark, for what it is worth. On my failed blog I have removed the ” 0 comments” and replaced with “please leave a comment”. That way no one can tell that I don’t receive comments:)

    Anyway, am rearrnging my blog and would be happy to share it link to you.



    25 Jan 11 at 08:11

  2. Thanks, Dan!


    27 Mar 11 at 22:31

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